About Us
The association called
„Wiener Internationaler Kulturverein“
„Vienna International Cultural Association VICA“
is seated in Vienna. Its main purpose is the promotion of musical artists worldwide.
The association organizes high standard events in first class venues like Wiener Musikverein, Konzerthaus Vienna and Hofburg Vienna.
Means and material resources to achieve the associations purpose
  1. The associations purpose is to be achieved by the non-material and material resources mentioned in (2) and (3).
  2. Non-material means
    1. the organization of concerts
    2. the host of musical competitions
    3. the organization of seminars and workshops
    4. the creation, publication and distribution of publications and media of all kinds
    5. the establishment of a communication platform (Web)
  3. The necessary material means shall be raised through
    1. membership fees
    2. participation fees
    3. revenues from events held
    4. collecting donations and other contributions
    5. public subsidies
    6. support by private sponsors
    7. estates and legacies
Vienna is known as a centre of art and culture all over the world. Moreover, it is famous for being the world's city of music.
Therefore, we are always happy to welcome musicians in Vienna.
The Executive Committee